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Affinity Chromatography

Using exposition, graphics, and commercial videos, this module teaches the theory and application of affinity chromatography in the characterization of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biochemical/biomedical systems. Problems and application… Read more »

Receptor Binding Assays

A tutorial on receptor binding assays used in bioanalysis. Both scintillation proximity assays and measurements based on fluorescence polarization are discussed. This page also features a good bibliography on related… Read more »

(23004) Veeco Nanotheater

Veeco’s Nanotheater provides over 350 images of surfaces acquired using atomic force microscopy and scanning probe microscopy. Images come from a wide variety of samples, including polymers, biologicals such as… Read more »

(23003) M.E. Muller Institute for Microscopy

This website is a nice primer for those who are interested in atomic-level surface imaging of biological samples with atomic force microscopy (AFM). The accompanying graphics are illustrative of what… Read more »

Optical Tweezers: Measuring Piconewton Forces

This is a comprehensive reference article for optical tweezers technology. It outlines application of this technique in the piconewton force measurement for biological samples. The article includes principle of the… Read more »

Busy Researchers Guide to Chromatography

The Busy Researchers’ Guide to Chromatography is a pdf book focused on the vendor’s (PerSeptive Biosystems) products (perfusion-based chromatography) with an eye toward their application in bioanalysis. The book is… Read more »

A Biosensor for Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes

This site contains an article that describes the use of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectroscopy to monitor real-time protein binding with fullerenes and carbon nanotubes. The introductory section provides a… Read more »

ELISA Animated Virtual Laboratory

This animated virtual laboratory, produced by HHMI, addresses concepts related to analytical immunoassay including the basis of humoral immunity,the foundation of ELISA, potential errors in conducting an ELISA and the… Read more »

Biological Animation Library

This site produced by the Dolan DNA Learning Center of the Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory contains a number of high quality animations that explain processes important in bioanalytical chemistry. For… Read more »

Microscopy Primer

This website is sponsored by Olympus and provides several featured sections about the basics of microscopy along with some interactive tutorials that demonstrate the operation of different types of microscopes…. Read more »

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