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Theme-Based Modular Approach for Delivering the Undergraduate Analytical Curriculum

This paper from the ABCs of Teaching Analytical Science in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry describes the modifications to the analytical curriculum at Butler University. The laboratory associated with… Read more »

Crime Scene and DNA Basics

This website is part of the President’s Initiative and is devoted to past and current methods of macromolecules such as DNA. This is an informative site designed to have the… Read more »

Laboratory Orientation and Testing of Body Fluids and Tissues for Forensic Analysts

This web site is part of the President’s DNA Initiative and is devoted to an overview of historical and contemporary techniques to characterize body tissues. The first part of the… Read more »

Virtual Crime Scene-Autopsy of a Murder

This site is designed to explore the interaction of crime scene investigation and forensic science Visitors are taken to a crime site where a murder took place. Relevant items of… Read more »

An Unusual Arson Case: Polymer Grains

A case example of determination of an arson accelerant by a variety of analytical techniques. Will make a good case record for an active learning class. Uses a variety of… Read more »


The website presents a case study involving the detection of cocaine on dollar bills. The case study uses GC-MS, but has an introduction appropriate for beginning chemistry students.The website is… Read more »

Detection of Arson accelerants

Analysis of arson with detailed information on quality control and methods of transfer, excellent sample chromatograms. Could be used as a problem based learning tool. Illustrates important aspects of headspace… Read more »

Drugs and Human Performance Fact Sheets

This site features forensic toxicological information on commonly abused drugs. Typically, the site specifies a drug with synonyms, describes its source (synthesis), its physiological action (drug class), its medical and/or… Read more »

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