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Applets for Chromatography, Signal Processing and General Analytical Chemistry

This site offers Java-based applets as organized in 4 categories: analytical and general chemistry, instrumental chemical analysis, instrumentation/signal processing, data analysis/chemometrics. Each applet includes a short introduction followed by a… Read more »

Videos zur Titration und Gravimetrie (Titration and Gravimetry Videos)

This website provides a set of short videos which demonstrate to quantitative analysis students the basic steps and visual changes encountered for the following experiments: Mohr titration (for chloride), acid-base… Read more »

Chemistry Experiment Simulation, Tutorials and Computer Animations for College Chemistry

After instructions on what computer programs will be needed, you can simulate chemical processes related to electrochemistry, acid-base chemistry and stoichiometry.The website is available here .

Introduction to Chemical Equilibria

An interactive set of applet-based demonstrations (many modeled as experimental measurements) that illustrate the concepts and calculations of chemical equilibria. The site demonstrates equilibrium processes in a reaction vessel by… Read more »

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