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(20034) Laboratory Safety

A website that is comprehensive in its treatment of laboratory safety. It is a CDC and NIOSH (NIOSH publ. no.2007-107) site with topics covering instructor’s responsibilities, a chemical hygiene plan… Read more »

(20033) Safety Rules and Practices for High School Labs

This URL links to a website aimed at beginning science students. It offers safety rules and practices for high school labs, focusing on general guidelines, clothing, accidents and injuries and… Read more »

(20035) Laboratory Safety and Compliance

This website by the University of California, Riverside (UCR) provides links to sites covering laboratory safety and compliance. The links given in rule 3 of the initially opened pdf document… Read more »

(20044) A Basic Chemical Hygiene Template

A simple template for a basic Chemical Hygiene plan developed for middle and high school labs and school districts.The website is available here .

(20043) Selecting Chemical Resistant Gloves

A complete guide to the selection of gloves with reference to commercial suppliers is contained herein. Gloves resistant to chemicals are an important aspect of protection from hazardous materials. It… Read more »

(20042) Template for a Chemical Hygiene Plan

A comprehensive template for a Chemical Hygiene Plan of a large research department is contained in this website, with several illustrative modules on Standard Operating Procedures that can be modified… Read more »

(20041) Creating a Chemical Hygiene Plan

This website has a very concise introduction to the preparation of a laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) with reference to the OSHA Laboratory Safety Standard. A Word template is provided… Read more »

(20040) OSHA Safety for Industrial and Commercial Labs

An all-inclusive OSHA website on safety and health issues that is intended primarily for industrial and commercial labs. A complete description of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and its… Read more »

(20039) NIOSH-Handling Engineered Nanomaterials

This site contains the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approaches to managing the health and safety concerns associated with engineered nanomaterials. It reviews what is currently known… Read more »

(20038) Healthful Laboratory Environments

This site contains Stanford University’s Environmental Health and Safety resources for use by faculty, researchers and students to promote safe and healthful laboratory environments. It is comprehensive in scope providing… Read more »

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