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(38002) Chemical Equilibrium

These materials on chemical equilibrium are designed to spark an active learning environment in the classroom. Materials can be downloaded and modified to fit particular learning goals. The website is… Read more »

Raman Tutorial and FAQs

This website is a good beginning reference for someone learning about Raman spectroscopy. The tutorial relates information about theory/scattering (including Stokes & anti-Stokes Raman scattering), provides tables referencing Raman bands… Read more »

(38001) Separation Science

Designed as a faculty resource on separation science, the published materials are available to be used and modified to fit any curricular pedagogy. Materials include a text, sample problems, and… Read more »

(10064) HPLC – free, opensource HPLC simulator project

Want to see what happens in LC, but there’s not an HPLC available for your use? This simulator shows what the important parameters are and lets you see the effect… Read more »

Analog and Digital Conversion for Chemical Instrumentation

This is a module focused on explaining the need for and use of analog-to-digital converters in analytical chemistry. Both a graphical and textual version are available in English and a… Read more »

(10062) Intro to XRF- An Analytical Perspective

X-ray fluorescence is of substantial importance in industry, yet there are few experts doing forefront research in the academic world as of early 2011. Presentation materials suitable for self-study or… Read more »

Introduction to Lasers

Lasers are preferred light sources for high resolution or time-resolved optical spectroscopy. This module introduces the workings of lasers and gives examples of common designs.The website is available here .

Introduction to Signals and Noise: eLearning Module

Basic concepts of signals, noise, and extraction of data from noisy signals are presented as an e-learning module. Excel spreadsheets allow students to vary noise parameters. Basic electronics ideas relating… Read more »

Principal Component Analysis

This site provides an introduction to principal component analysis, beginning with a glossary of important terms before taking the reader through the process of completing a principal component analysis. One… Read more »

Multiple Regression

This site provides an introduction to the use of multiple regression, beginning with a glossary of important terms before taking the reader through a review of bivariate regression and the… Read more »

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