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This site offers an introductory course on estimation of measurement uncertainty, specifically related to chemical analysis (analytical chemistry). The course gives the main concepts and mathematical apparatus of measurement uncertainty… Read more »

Team Teaching Mass Sepctrometry; an Industry-University Collaboration

This publication highlights a collaboration between academia and industry to deliver a course of mass spectrometry. Highlighted in the text are instructor qualifications, instructor roles, student assignments, and student perceptions.The… Read more »

(38002) Chemical Equilibrium

These materials on chemical equilibrium are designed to spark an active learning environment in the classroom. Materials can be downloaded and modified to fit particular learning goals. The website is… Read more »

(38001) Separation Science

Designed as a faculty resource on separation science, the published materials are available to be used and modified to fit any curricular pedagogy. Materials include a text, sample problems, and… Read more »

(10063) Teaching Instrumental Analysis without a Textbook

This site points students and instructors to web resources which, taken together, allow teaching Instrumental Analysis with a virtual, on-line textbook instead of a hard copy text. Some material is… Read more »

(27017) A Citizen’s Guide to Understanding and Monitoring Lakes and Streams

This document is a concise and well-written overview of water quality monitoring for the layperson. As such, it is a useful introduction to the subject for introductory level environmental science… Read more »

Analytical Chemistry 2.0

A complete textbook for Quantitative Analysis is freely downloadable. Teach yourself Analytical Chemistry, or be part of a class on the subject. The website is available here .

The Paradigm Laboratory Project

This project plans to develop problem-based inquiry learning laboratories that have science majors in introductory chemistry laboratories transfer an understanding of the attitudes and methods of scientific inquiry to knowledge… Read more »

Adopting POGIL Methodology for Analytical Chemistry

POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) is a NSF sponsored project designed to actively engage students in the learning process in the classroom. Ana-POGIL activities cover topics ranging from statistics… Read more »

Theme-Based Modular Approach for Delivering the Undergraduate Analytical Curriculum

This paper from the ABCs of Teaching Analytical Science in the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry describes the modifications to the analytical curriculum at Butler University. The laboratory associated with… Read more »

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