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This site offers an introductory course on estimation of measurement uncertainty, specifically related to chemical analysis (analytical chemistry). The course gives the main concepts and mathematical apparatus of measurement uncertainty… Read more »

Cooperative Learning, Values, and Culturally Plural Classrooms

This webpage provides an introduction to cooperative learning by David and Roger Johnson who developed the technique. The article provides an overview of the cooperative learning method, discusses its educational… Read more »

Cooperative Learning Center at U. Minnesota

This webpage by Roger Johnson and David Johnson, two of the leaders in the cooperative learning movement, is an invaluable resource on this learning method. This site defines cooperative learning… Read more »

The Dog Ate My Homework: A Cooperative Learning Project for Instrumental Analysis

This JCE article provides evidence that group work/cooperative learning may benefit so-called “weaker” students who otherwise might have dropped out – these students performed at the same level as their… Read more »

The China Papers: Using PBL and Cooperative Group Learning in Teaching

This site which is a pdf file provides an introduction to how the author is introducing PBL methods into his instrumental analysis class in China. He discusses how instrumental analysis… Read more »

Cooperative Learning

This page presents material from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Instructional Excellence Retreat, May 1996, on applying cooperative learning in a classroom setting. It gives a nice, quick, summary… Read more »

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