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(38002) Chemical Equilibrium

These materials on chemical equilibrium are designed to spark an active learning environment in the classroom. Materials can be downloaded and modified to fit particular learning goals. The website is… Read more »

(38001) Separation Science

Designed as a faculty resource on separation science, the published materials are available to be used and modified to fit any curricular pedagogy. Materials include a text, sample problems, and… Read more »

The Paradigm Laboratory Project

This project plans to develop problem-based inquiry learning laboratories that have science majors in introductory chemistry laboratories transfer an understanding of the attitudes and methods of scientific inquiry to knowledge… Read more »

Atomic Spectroscopy in a Project-Based Lab

An article published in the “ABCs of Teaching Analytical Science” series of the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry describes a project-based lab in which students investigate the distribution of Pb… Read more »

HEAD Academy PBL Case Studies

This is site links to a part of the HEAD academy website that contains case studies relevant to chemistry and related scientific areas. Several of these sites are linked directly… Read more »

A Dip in the Dribble

This site is exactly the kind of material that is useful in a digital library like ASDL. The site provides detailed information on a problem-based learning analytical environmental case study… Read more »

Tales of the Riverbank

This environmental PBL unit can be downloaded as a set of pdf\\\’s that include materials for students and an instructor\\\’s guide. These materials present a compelling environmental problem and analytical… Read more »

Physical Chemistry Online

Physical Chemistry Online (PCOL) Is a collection of physical chemistry modules that address specific concepts in an open-ended, collaborative fashion. The PCOL collection contains fifteen guided inquiry modules covering five… Read more »

Problem-based Learning

This site provides a thoughtful introduction to problem-based learning including an overview of PBL, its history, examples of problems, a discussion of group dynamics, and the role of the instructor… Read more »

The Inquiry Page - Inquiry Based Learning

This website provides a thoughtful and well-written introduction to inquiry-based learning methods with a focus on K-12 educators. The website also provides useful information on assessing student learning in an… Read more »

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