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PC Software for NMR, IR

This web site allows readers to download a variety of PC-based NMR simulation programs. NMRSM is for the calculation of spin-spin coupling patterns, the program FTNMR Simulator simulates the operation… Read more »

Molecular Structure and Dynamics by NMR Spectroscopy

This site provides PowerPoint slides for a series of lectures for a graduate-level course in NMR spectroscopy. While the casual student may find it hard to follow everything on the… Read more »

2D NMR Spectroscopy

This site provides a concise, but thorough introduction to NMR spectroscopy with a focus on 2D NMR. This site will be most useful for students with some introductory background in… Read more »

CHEM 525 NMR Spectroscopy

This site provides both classical and quantum mechanical descriptions of NMR. Some nuts and bolts aspects of NMR and the basics of two-dimensional spectroscopy are also covered. This web site… Read more »

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