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Fundamentals of NMR

This e-text presents an introduction to the fundamentals of NMR covering magnetic resonance, pulsed NMR, relaxation, chemical shift, spin-spin coupling, the nuclear Overhauser effect and chemical exchange.The website is available… Read more »

Converting an Interferogram into a Spectrum by Fourier Transformation

An overview of the Fourier theorem as applied to analytical measurements is given. The Discrete Fourier Transform and the Fast Fourier Transform algorithms are mentioned, and sampling requirements are discussed…. Read more »

NMR Spectroscopy: Lab 8

A complete NMR laboratory exercise from a set of fifteen (15) experiments in various topic areas developed for a physical chemistry laboratory at New Mexico State University. Excellent introductory material… Read more »

NMR animation

This site has very nicely animated tutorials on NMR with sufficient depth to be useful to the non NMR savy. The animations are accompanied by short descriptions so that the… Read more »

Understanding NMR

This site provides links to a series of pdf files that represent chapters of an e-text on the basics of NMR. While many textbooks on NMR are available the chief… Read more »

Infrared Theory Tutorial and Guide to Analyzing an IR Spectrum

This site from CU Boulder provides two helpful resources: (1) A guide to interpreting FTIR spectra, with separate pages devoted to spectra signatures of important functional groups; and, (2) an… Read more »

NMR Spectroscopy - Theory

This web site begins with a simple quantum description of NMR and proceeds to introduce resonance absorption, relaxation, chemical shifts, and scalar couplings. This site will be useful for advanced… Read more »

Basics of NMR

An online text on the basics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The text contains information especially appropriate for the novice, but topics are treated at sufficient depth to be… Read more »

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