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Team Teaching Mass Sepctrometry; an Industry-University Collaboration

This publication highlights a collaboration between academia and industry to deliver a course of mass spectrometry. Highlighted in the text are instructor qualifications, instructor roles, student assignments, and student perceptions.The… Read more »

(32006) TOF Tutorial

A basic tutorial on the principles of Time-of-flight mass spectrometer design, presenting the concepts of ionization, acceleration from an ion source, energy dispersion of the ions due to space dispersion… Read more »

Mass Spectrometry Tutorial

This site offers a concise, clearly-written introduction to general techniques of mass spectrometry. It includes descriptions and illustrations of various types of mass spectrometers and covers the major ionization techniques.The… Read more »

(32005) Introduction to biological mass spectrometry

A nice tutorial on mass spectrometry providing a brief overview of the measurement process. Electrospray ionization and MALDI are covered in greater detail. Information about tandem mass spectrometry and biological… Read more »

(4152) Isotope Distribution Calculator and Mass Spec Plotter

Easy to use calculator for the isotopic distribution of a given chemical formula. Distributions can be plotted either for a formula, or user input of mass/intensity data. Either high or… Read more » Mass Spectrometry

This video, distributed on YouTube by the Royal Society of Chemistry is on the basic principles of mass spectrometry, using a magnetic sector instrument to demonstrate how specific m/z ratios… Read more »

Converting an Interferogram into a Spectrum by Fourier Transformation

An overview of the Fourier theorem as applied to analytical measurements is given. The Discrete Fourier Transform and the Fast Fourier Transform algorithms are mentioned, and sampling requirements are discussed…. Read more »

Understanding Chemistry

This website part of a larger project “ChemGuide” provides a nice introduction to mass spectrometry that is suitable for use by introductory analytical chemistry students. Content includes an introduction to… Read more »

Mass Spec Primer

This website developed by Waters Corporation provides a brief primer on mass spectrometry which includes information on instrumentation, a discussion of mass accuracy, resolution, and LC-MS. As such the site… Read more »

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

This site contains an on-line text on mass spectrometry at the intermediate level. The text gives good general coverage of mass spectrometry instrumentation and applications in very readable format. It… Read more »

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