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Raman Tutorial and FAQs

This website is a good beginning reference for someone learning about Raman spectroscopy. The tutorial relates information about theory/scattering (including Stokes & anti-Stokes Raman scattering), provides tables referencing Raman bands… Read more »

Analytical Chemistry 2.0

A complete textbook for Quantitative Analysis is freely downloadable. Teach yourself Analytical Chemistry, or be part of a class on the subject. The website is available here . IR Spectroscopy

This video on YouTube covers the basic principles of infrared spectroscopy. Very useful for a newcomer to IR. This video of 6.5 minute would be useful in a classroom setting… Read more »

Animated Vibrational Modes of Triatomic Molecules

Molecular vibration modes are discussed using animation to depict atomic motion. As examples, the fundamental vibrational modes and their composite superposition are demonstrated for sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. A… Read more »

Converting an Interferogram into a Spectrum by Fourier Transformation

An overview of the Fourier theorem as applied to analytical measurements is given. The Discrete Fourier Transform and the Fast Fourier Transform algorithms are mentioned, and sampling requirements are discussed…. Read more »

How an Interferogram is Produced - An Animated Explanation

The site demonstrates principles behind the operation of the interferometer in an FTIR spectrometer. Graphics and interactive movies are used. Examples start from a single wavelength and build to the… Read more »

Terahertz radiation: applications and sources

The site describes applications and basic instrumentation for terahertz spectroscopy. It contains an article that originally appeared in the American Institute of Physics publication The Industrial Physicist. Sources for terahertz… Read more »

Infrared Theory Tutorial and Guide to Analyzing an IR Spectrum

This site from CU Boulder provides two helpful resources: (1) A guide to interpreting FTIR spectra, with separate pages devoted to spectra signatures of important functional groups; and, (2) an… Read more »

IR Spectral Interpretation: An Interactive Tutorial

JCAMP formatted spectra and javascript are used to lead the user through the analysis of IR spectra. The software asks the user a series of questions about the spectrum, and… Read more »

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