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Quantitative NMR

A learning module focused on principles and practice of NMR for quantitative analysis, an application less commonly associated with the technique than is structure determination. Links to simulation packages are… Read more »

NMR of Paramagnetic Proteins

This site presents an overview of techniques used for structural elucidation of paramagnetic metalloproteins. The content is directed to the more advanced NMR user and would be suitable for an… Read more »

Fundamentals of NMR

This e-text presents an introduction to the fundamentals of NMR covering magnetic resonance, pulsed NMR, relaxation, chemical shift, spin-spin coupling, the nuclear Overhauser effect and chemical exchange.The website is available… Read more »

Fluorine NMR

This article describes the use of fluorine (19F) NMR for the analysis and structure determination of biomaterials. Using a traditional text-with-figures format, the article gives an overview of the synthesis… Read more »

NMR tutorial

The introduction to this site provides an entry-level introductions to NMR in a text + figures format. The site also contains two example structure elucidation problems using NMR. IR and… Read more »

Spectroscopic Tools

This website provides resources that can aid in the interpretation of NMR proton shifts, identification of IR features and mass loss identification in mass spectrometry. The original site is in… Read more »

Converting an Interferogram into a Spectrum by Fourier Transformation

An overview of the Fourier theorem as applied to analytical measurements is given. The Discrete Fourier Transform and the Fast Fourier Transform algorithms are mentioned, and sampling requirements are discussed…. Read more »

Solid State NMR

This website introduces both theoretical and experimental solid state NMR. The subject matter is covered thoroughly. The material is presented with numerous examples that are easy to follow, regardless of… Read more »

NMR Spectroscopy: Lab 8

A complete NMR laboratory exercise from a set of fifteen (15) experiments in various topic areas developed for a physical chemistry laboratory at New Mexico State University. Excellent introductory material… Read more »

The Macrogalleria -- A Cyber Wonderland of Polymer Fun

This site is devoted to analysis of polymers and focuses on SEC, although links to other techniques are provided. It does not go into great detail, but provides a nice… Read more »

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