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RCSB Protein Data Base

This website is an “Information Portal To Biological Macromolecular Structure”. It is a protein data bank that contains a very large structural database in addition to providing a variety of tools and resources for studying the structure of biological macromolecules and their relationships to sequence, function and disease.

Spectroscopic Tools

This website provides resources that can aid in the interpretation of NMR proton shifts, identification of IR features and mass loss identification in mass spectrometry. The original site is in… Read more »

Enivronmental Health and Toxicology

This site is packed with information related to the topic of environmental health and toxicology. There is an excellent tutorial section specifically targeted toward aducators and students. The site has… Read more »

Waters Corporation

This is an all-inclusive site in terms of information about HPLC. What may be most useful to students, faculty and early practitioners of HPLC are “New Academia Area” and “Life… Read more »

Vydac Application Notes Online

Short application notes and technical information pertinent for Vydac products. Application and trouble-shooting information for separations of peptides, proteins, oligionucleotides and carbohydrates using liquid and ion-exchange chromatography.The website is available… Read more »

Gas Chromatography Application Notes

Application notes from 2000-2005 presented at conferences (the conferences are not identified listied by year). Applications could serve as a source of experiments for advanced teaching labs and also assist… Read more »

Rheodyne - Application Support

Application notes, technical information, and on-line trouble-shooting guide pertinent for Rheodyne products (high-pressure valves). The website is available here .

Selerity Technologies Application Notes

Applications and tutorials related to supercritical fluid chromatography and temperature programming in liquid chromatography (PDF). Application area is mainly petrochemicals.The website is available here .

Application Notes From LECO

Application notes and experimental protocols for a variety of inorganic and organic analytes. Topics covered include analysis of food and beverage samples, natural products, pharmaceuticals, environmental contaminants and industrial applications…. Read more »

Toxicological Profiles

The Federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) produces “toxicological profiles” for hazardous substances found at National Priorities List (NPL) sites. These hazardous substances are ranked based on… Read more »

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