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Analytical Chemistry 2.0

A complete textbook for Quantitative Analysis is freely downloadable. Teach yourself Analytical Chemistry, or be part of a class on the subject. The website is available here .

Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

A learning module that explains the instrumental systems and interactions involved in atomic emission for elemental analysis. Completion of the module will leave the learner with knowledge of optics, plasma… Read more »

Atomic Spectroscopy in a Project-Based Lab

An article published in the “ABCs of Teaching Analytical Science” series of the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry describes a project-based lab in which students investigate the distribution of Pb… Read more »

Concepts, Instrumentation and Techniques in Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

This pdf file contains a well written and thorough introduction to atomic absorption suitable for use by undergraduates and faculty teaching instrumental analysis courses. Topics covered in the document include… Read more »

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Chart

Online eText gives a thorough descriptive overview of atomic structure. The site is organized into sections on light particles and waves, the Bohr atom, the quantum atom, atomic electron configuration,… Read more »

Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data

This National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)) site containing atomic spectroscopic reference data. Information can be accessed through a variety of means, such as an interactive periodic table and… Read more »

Reliable Measurements: A Guidebook for Trace Analysts

Provides a comprehensive resource on sample preparation and analysis for those interested in elemental determinations by atomic spectrometry, especially ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Issue such as sources of contamination, detection limits,… Read more »

ICP Operations: A Guide for New ICP Users

A handbook for ICP analysis. Topics such as matrix compatibility, quality control, spectral interferences, instrument operation (e.g. sample introduction, nebulization, etc.) make this an excellent practical yet concise manual on… Read more »

Laser-induced Remote Sensing for Chemistry and Micro Imaging on Mars

Discusses remote sensing instrumentation utilized for rapid characterization of rocks and soils on planetary surfaces in support of explorations on Mars.The website is available here .

Coal Sampling

This USGS method explains the use of fluxes for preparation of coal for elemental analysis. Useful to supplement textbooks concerning sample preparation and may be useful in designing an XRF… Read more »

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