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Atomic Spectroscopy in a Project-Based Lab

An article published in the “ABCs of Teaching Analytical Science” series of the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry describes a project-based lab in which students investigate the distribution of Pb… Read more »

Experiments in Electroanalytical Chemistry

This website offers educators a set of eight classical electroanalytical experiments suitable for use in a quantitative analysis, instrumental analysis, or electrochemistry course. The materials should be useful for advanced… Read more »

Electrochemical Detection of Phenol Utilizing a Synthesized Sonogel-carbon Zirconium Oxide

This experiment is designed for senior undergraduate students in an inorganic chemistry course. Students are asked to synthesize a sonogel-carbon electrode that is modified with a ZrO2 sol-gel and to… Read more »

Analytical Electrochemistry: A Laboratory Manual

This labware module contains directions for seven experiments in analytical electrochemistry. The experiments are designed to illustrate fundamentals of electrode reactions as applied to readily accessible redox reactants. They provide… Read more »

A Dip in the Dribble

This site is exactly the kind of material that is useful in a digital library like ASDL. The site provides detailed information on a problem-based learning analytical environmental case study… Read more »

Tales of the Riverbank

This environmental PBL unit can be downloaded as a set of pdf\\\’s that include materials for students and an instructor\\\’s guide. These materials present a compelling environmental problem and analytical… Read more »

Study of Electrode Mechanism by Cyclic Voltammetry

This lab experiment uses cyclic voltammetry to determine the concentration of acetaminophen (active ingredient of Tylenol) in a children’s pain relief elixir and to study the pH dependent mechanism of… Read more »

Synthesis of a Sonogel-Carbon Modified Sensor Electrode with Titanium Oxide (TiO2) to Detect Catechol

This experiment demonstrates cyclic voltammetry, surface modification, selectivity, and bioanalysis in assaying catechols in the presence of ascorbic acid. Pre- or post-lab questions are included, along with sample student data… Read more »

Electrochemistry and Detection of Organic and Biological Molecules such as Catechols

This ASDL online article describes a lab experiment whereby students learn how to prepare a conducting thin-film polymer electrode for the analysis of catechol and the effect of ascorbic acid… Read more »


This PDF document (52 pages) provides a comprehensive discussion of background history, theoretical considerations, electronic circuitry and design of potentiostats. Subject is treated in depth not found in textbooks, although… Read more »

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