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This video, distributed on YouTube by the Royal Society of Chemistry is on the basic principles of mass spectrometry, using a magnetic sector instrument to demonstrate how specific m/z ratios… Read more »

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry in Biology and Health Care

This video, developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, describes the instrumentation for accelerator mass spectrometry and its applications. The video describes the instrumentation and its application for carbon dating and… Read more »

Spectroscopic Tools

This website provides resources that can aid in the interpretation of NMR proton shifts, identification of IR features and mass loss identification in mass spectrometry. The original site is in… Read more »

Fundamentals of GC/MS

This tutorial provides an excellent introduction into the fundamentals of GC/MS. The tutorial consists of five sections: An introduction of mass and types of ions, ionization modes, hardware, figures of… Read more »

Converting an Interferogram into a Spectrum by Fourier Transformation

An overview of the Fourier theorem as applied to analytical measurements is given. The Discrete Fourier Transform and the Fast Fourier Transform algorithms are mentioned, and sampling requirements are discussed…. Read more »


This site provides the principles of ICP-MS from sample introduction, ionization to MS quadrapole analysis. Excellent illustrative schematics of the main process in ICP-MS and pictorials of component parts. This… Read more »

Understanding Chemistry

This website part of a larger project “ChemGuide” provides a nice introduction to mass spectrometry that is suitable for use by introductory analytical chemistry students. Content includes an introduction to… Read more »

Mass Spec Primer

This website developed by Waters Corporation provides a brief primer on mass spectrometry which includes information on instrumentation, a discussion of mass accuracy, resolution, and LC-MS. As such the site… Read more »

GC/MS with animations

This site contains a good review of GC detectors that is linked to animated files describing the hardware and principles of operation for GC/MS. From this site, one can also… Read more »

The Macrogalleria -- A Cyber Wonderland of Polymer Fun

This site is devoted to analysis of polymers and focuses on SEC, although links to other techniques are provided. It does not go into great detail, but provides a nice… Read more »

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