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Problem-Oriented Laboratory for Instrumental Analysis

  Introduction This link takes the user to the homepage of a complete set of materials originally developed by George Wilson, Marc Anderson, and Craig Lunte at the University of… Read more »

Problem-based Learning

This site provides a thoughtful introduction to problem-based learning including an overview of PBL, its history, examples of problems, a discussion of group dynamics, and the role of the instructor… Read more »

The Problem-Based Learning Directory

Searchable database of ways that different faculty at colleges and institutions worldwide are using problem-based learning. At the time this annotation was created the database contained information for 104 courses… Read more »

(6047) A problem based learning approach to analytical and applied chemistry

Problem based learning (PBL) and extended problem solving activities are increasingly being used in many disciplines. The effectiveness of these approaches suggests that there is a need for such resources… Read more »

Approaches to Cell Biology Teaching: Learning Content in Context - Problem-Based Learning

Excellent article on problem-based learning that will be an invaluable resource to any interested instructor. The authors review the literature on problem-based learning, provide examples of the use of PBL… Read more »

Using Problem-Based Teaching and Problem-Based Learning to Improve the Teaching of Electrochemistry (The China Papers)

This is a paper from The China Papers dated July 2003 that describes current chemical education methods in China and the introduction of problem-based learning at one institution in the… Read more »

(6011) Acid-Base Titration: Analysis of Phosphoric Acid Anodizing Solutions. A Problem-Based Learning Approach

In this paper, the authors have information about a real world situation that can be used as a context to situate the lab and this is the main contribution of… Read more »

Problem Based Learning

A comprehensive site for problem-based learning applications, problems and examples, not specifically for analytical science. A rich resource for instructors and students interested in adapting and adopting problem-based learning methods… Read more »

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