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This site offers an introductory course on estimation of measurement uncertainty, specifically related to chemical analysis (analytical chemistry). The course gives the main concepts and mathematical apparatus of measurement uncertainty… Read more »

Three types of blogs

What is a blog? A blog is simply a website with it’s own set of users and content. Often a blog is centered around a particular idea or theme. A… Read more »

Introduction to Lasers

Lasers are preferred light sources for high resolution or time-resolved optical spectroscopy. This module introduces the workings of lasers and gives examples of common designs.The website is available here .

Concepts, Instrumentation and Techniques in Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

This pdf file contains a well written and thorough introduction to atomic absorption suitable for use by undergraduates and faculty teaching instrumental analysis courses. Topics covered in the document include… Read more »

Introduction to Signals and Noise: eLearning Module

Basic concepts of signals, noise, and extraction of data from noisy signals are presented as an e-learning module. Excel spreadsheets allow students to vary noise parameters. Basic electronics ideas relating… Read more »

Introduction to X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

This learning module presents the fundamentals of X-ray Diffraction for characterizing molecular structure in a form useful both as lecture notes and for self-study.The website is available here .

Multiple Regression

This site provides an introduction to the use of multiple regression, beginning with a glossary of important terms before taking the reader through a review of bivariate regression and the… Read more »

Principal Component Analysis

This site provides an introduction to principal component analysis, beginning with a glossary of important terms before taking the reader through the process of completing a principal component analysis. One… Read more »

ELISA Animated Virtual Laboratory

This animated virtual laboratory, produced by HHMI, addresses concepts related to analytical immunoassay including the basis of humoral immunity,the foundation of ELISA, potential errors in conducting an ELISA and the… Read more »

Optics Tutorial

This site provides a tutorial on electromagnetic waves using animated graphics. The tutorial gives the student the ability to visualize circularly polarized waves, the superposition of various types of polarized… Read more »

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