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ASDL Projects – get involved!

ASDL started out as a digital library and over time continues to develop. The ASDL managing editors have encouraged associate editors to branch out and explore new ways of integrating the ASDL collection with innovative ideas of their own.

Here are a few examples:


JASDL – Started in 2006, the JASDL seeks to publish original materials to enhance the pedagogy of Analytical Sciences and related areas. To be considered for publication, the submitted material must be original, and the author must certify that no copyrighted material is included unless permission has been obtained from the copyright holder for unlimited, royalty free distribution and modification.  [tippy title=”Alex Scheeline”]
Alex introduced the idea of creating JASDL within the ASDLib.[/tippy] took a lead role in getting the journal started and recently these duties have been assumed by [tippy title=”Mike Samide”]

Mike is the current JASDL editor[/tippy]

– In  2010, after [tippy title=”David Harvey”]
David researched the concept and received NSF funding for this website.[/tippy] published an online version of  Analytical Chemistry 2.0, it led him to dive into how various digital libraries were delivering content in a usable format.  He researched and developed ideas for the tools that are available to anyone who signs up for a blog or in a group on this website. .

ACTIVE LEARNING CURRICULAR MATERIALS -The materials presented on this website are the product of a collaborative NSF Phase I CCLI award to [tippy title=”Tom Wenzel”]
Tom developed a collaborative project that uses the peer reviewed content of the ASDLib through active learning curricular materials.[/tippy] , Bates College, and [tippy title=”Cynthia Larive”]
Cindy is the original managing editor of ASDL. She encourages those with ideas about how to use this collection to contribute.[/tippy] , University of California Riverside . The goal of this project was to develop active learning resources to support instruction in analytical chemistry courses.

As these materials were developed parallel to the community blog space, it became evident that  online tools for developing such content could prove to be quite useful for those wishing to create web based content with the added ability to integrate it with the ASDLib collection and/or developing stand alone web content.

These materials were developed through the efforts of a team of collaborators. Additional materials currently under development will round out the analytical chemistry tool kit and expand the collection of context-based materials for classroom and laboratory use.

Currently, Tom Wenzel, who has been active as an associate editor for quite some time, has published his Separation Science article in JASDL and it has been accepted as part of the ASDLib collection. This article is  a part of the Active Learning Curricular Materials project (above).



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