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Author page: ASDL Active Learning Editor

Role Playing in Analytical Chemistry: The Alumni Speak

This Journal of Chemical Education article describes a study of using the role-playing approach to teach analytical chemistry. The paper provides student views on problem-based and cooperative learning which should be valuable to educators. The paper also provides a good example of assessment and what can be learned by survey studies. The website is available here .

Active Learning in Advanced Analytical Chemistry, a course for first year graduate students

This article describes using an active learning approach for the introductory lecture course in graduate-level analytical chemistry. Review articles are used for discussions and to reveal gaps in student knowledge. Students give most of the course's lectures, with grades based on lectures, exams, and a term paper. The website is available here .

Approaches to Cell Biology Teaching: Learning Content in Context – Problem-Based Learning

Excellent article on problem-based learning that is an invaluable resource for interested instructors. The authors review the literature on problem-based learning (PBL) and provide examples for the biology classroom. The article includes a discussion of strategies for application of PBL in large enrollment courses. It also summarizes assessment data and provides a rich bibliography. The website is…

Resources in Science and Engineering Education

Opening this site reveals that it is the homepage of the author, Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University, as well as a compilation of his papers (through links) to his papers on effective teaching in chemical education.The website is available here .

Student Assessment of Learning Gains

This University of Wisconsin site is designed for instructors of all disciplines who would like feedback from their students about how the course elements are helping their students to learn. This page is a usable link for assessment, collaborative learning and technology in all college science courses by faculty or graduate students, although there is no…

Problem Based Learning

A comprehensive site for problem-based learning applications, problems and examples, not specifically for analytical science. A rich resource for instructors and students interested in adapting and adopting problem-based learning methods in their courses. The website is available here .
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