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Author page: ASDL Bioanalytical Editor

RCSB Protein Data Base

This website is an “Information Portal To Biological Macromolecular Structure”. It is a protein data bank that contains a very large structural database in addition to providing a variety of tools and resources for studying the structure of biological macromolecules and their relationships to sequence, function and disease.

Biological Animation Library

This site produced by the Dolan DNA Learning Center of the Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory contains a number of high quality animations that explain processes important in bioanalytical chemistry. For example, one animation illustrates the process of Sanger sequencing and another explains what Gene Chips are and how they work. PCR, gel electrophoresis, cloning, model organisms…

Immunoassay, biosensors and other non-chromatographic methods for agrochemical analysis

This site is a comprehensive 58 page book chapter in pdf format on nonchromatographic methods of analysis for agrochemical contaminants (residues). The process of preparing and testing immunoassay tests is also discussed. Both biological and physical-based methods are discussed. In the former, it presents a wide variety of methods including the use of PCR. In the…

Notes on Bioanalytical Chemistry Lectures

Short lecture notes and support materials for a course in bioanalytical chemistry. Examples of topics covered include isolating and sequencing DNA, DNA chips, data reduction and analysis, biochemistry on the micro to nano scale, genomics and proteomics, and biochemical ethics.The website is available here .


A discussion of immunoassays in the context of testing for environmental contaminants, including a fairly detailed explanation of how immunoassays are conducted and advantages and limitations in the analysis of environmental problems. There is also a discussion of analytical concerns - interferences, limits of detection, accuracy and precision, calibrating immunoassays, etc.The website is available here…
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