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Author page: ASDL Instrument Editor

Introduction to Dynodes

This site is presented as a guided exploration into the operation of a photomultiplier from the first light incidence to the output signal. Questions guide the exploration and allow (sometimes require)the student to speculate on the result before going forward. A careful, patient student will get a thorough introduction to the operation of a…

Handbook of Operational Amplifier Applications

The Handbook of Operational Amplifier Application is a complete and exhaustive compendium of Op Amp information. Chapters start with the basic electronics of the internal circuitry of op amps, feedback and analysis of operation followed by ideal and practical op amps. The remaining chapters provide numerous application circuits.The website is available here .

LabVIEW for Instrumental Analysis

This site provides two useful resources for instructors and students of analytical chemistry. The first is a collection of LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs) for demonstrating topics such as signal-to-noise ratios, boxcar and ensemble averaging, power spectra, digital filtering, analog-to-digital conversions, and the Nyquest frequency. For users that do not have a working copy of LabVIEW, executable…

Custom Designed HPLC Couse for Teva Abic

This site contains slides to accompany lectures in HPLC. They do not contain enough description for the average student to follow. However, they provide a lot of excellent information about practical aspects of HPLC. The sections on troubleshooting, sample preparation, gradients, system peaks, system suitability and methods validation are particularily valuable. The illustrations and diagrams…
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