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Author page: ASDL NMR Editor

Solid State NMR

This website introduces both theoretical and experimental solid state NMR. The subject matter is covered thoroughly. The material is presented with numerous examples that are easy to follow, regardless of one's background. The subject matter is extremely well organized and a pleasure to read. The website is available here .

NMR Spectroscopy: Lab 8

A complete NMR laboratory exercise from a set of fifteen (15) experiments in various topic areas developed for a physical chemistry laboratory at New Mexico State University. Excellent introductory material is provided, along with links to additional sources of information, including NMR tutorials. Pre-lab questions are presented along with detailed laboratory procedures. The two part experiment…

Understanding NMR

This site provides links to a series of pdf files that represent chapters of an e-text on the basics of NMR. While many textbooks on NMR are available the chief merit of this one is that it has a nice chapter on the NMR instrument (ch. 5) which should be accessible to undergraduates. The text also…

WebSpectra – Problems in NMR and IR Spectroscopy

This web site provides thirty beginning, twenty-nine intermediate, and sixteen advanced NMR structure analysis problems and their solutions. For every unknown a proton and a carbon spectrum are provided. Many of the more advanced problems contain COSY and DEPT spectra as well. A particularly useful feature of this site is that the user can zoom into…

NMR Spectroscopy

This site contains web-based programs that allow the user to predict chemical shifts, spin-spin coupling patterns and NMR line shapes affected by dynamic chemical exchange. This site will be most useful for students with a good background in the fundamentals of NMR theory. The website is available here .

2D NMR Spectroscopy

This site provides a concise, but thorough introduction to NMR spectroscopy with a focus on 2D NMR. This site will be most useful for students with some introductory background in NMR. The basic principles of common 2D NMR experiments are presented and illustrated with spectra. Instructors wanting to illustrate the appearance of a TOCSY, NOESY, or…

CHEM 525 NMR Spectroscopy

This site provides both classical and quantum mechanical descriptions of NMR. Some nuts and bolts aspects of NMR and the basics of two-dimensional spectroscopy are also covered. This web site should be informative for graduate students or professionals seeking a more thorough understanding of the basic principles underlying NMR spectroscopy. The website is available here .

The Basics of MRI

This website is an on-line textbook describing the principles of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The treatment is often quite mathematical, but the site also reviews all of the mathematics and physics needed to understand the material. Approximately forty clinical images can also be found on the site. This site is appropriate for students needing a stand-alone…
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