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Separation Science

Designed as a faculty resource on separation science, with a particular emphasis on chromatographic separations.  The published materials focus on active learning but may be modified to fit any curricular pedagogy. Materials include a text, sample problems, and an instructor's manual. The website is available here .

HPLC – free, opensource HPLC simulator project

Want to see what happens in LC, but there's not an HPLC available for your use? This simulator shows what the important parameters are and lets you see the effect of changing those parameters on realistic separations. The website is available here . Note - the software for this application is still functional, but runs on an outdated…

Intro to XRF- An Analytical Perspective

X-ray fluorescence is an important analytical tool in both industry and research. Professor Pete Palmer in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at San Francisco State University prepared these materials to provide an introduction to X-Ray fluorescence. Find the most recent version at the LibreTexts site: Introduction to XRF-An analytical Perspective by Professor Pete Palmer Find an earlier presentation…
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