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Teaching Resources

Role Playing in Analytical Chemistry: The Alumni Speak

This Journal of Chemical Education article describes a study of using the role-playing approach to teach analytical chemistry. The paper provides student views on problem-based and cooperative learning which should be valuable to educators. The paper also provides a good example of assessment and what can be learned by survey studies. The website is available here .


This site offers an introductory course (as a MOOC) on the estimation of measurement uncertainty specifically related to chemical analysis (analytical chemistry). The course gives the main concepts and mathematical apparatus of measurement uncertainty estimation and introduces two principal approaches to measurement uncertainty estimation – the ISO GUM modeling approach (aa “bottom-up”  approach) and the single-lab…

Separation Science

Designed as a faculty resource on separation science, with a particular emphasis on chromatographic separations.  The published materials focus on active learning but may be modified to fit any curricular pedagogy. Materials include a text, sample problems, and an instructor's manual. The website is available here .

Teaching Chemical Equilibrium Concepts Using Field-Lab Experiences

This online article describes an inquiry-based experience designed to integrate concepts in water quality and geology for pre-education science students preparing to become teachers at the primary and secondary level. The field and laboratory exercise could be used to effectively introduce equilibrium chemistry in an introductory or environmental chemistry course, and courses for non-majors.The website is…

Rice virtual lab in statistics

This site is devoted to statistical tests and demonstrations of their use and was created with the support of the National Science Foundation. One section is a complete reference guide - the online statistics textbook, with detailed descriptions of all things statistical. The second, and most fun section, is simulations/demonstrations section where nearly twenty statistical tests…
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