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statistics using applets

Rice virtual lab in statistics

This site is devoted to statistical tests and demonstrations of their use and was created with the support of the National Science Foundation. One section is a complete reference guide - the online statistics textbook, with detailed descriptions of all things statistical. The second, and most fun section, is simulations/demonstrations section where nearly twenty statistical tests…

Applets for Chromatography, Signal Processing and General Analytical Chemistry

This site offers Java-based applets as organized in 4 categories: analytical and general chemistry, instrumental chemical analysis, instrumentation/signal processing, data analysis/chemometrics. Each applet includes a short introduction followed by a user controlled input of experimental conditions, such as seen for diffusion in electrochemistry.The website is available here .

Uncertainty Calculator

This site contains a JavaScript "Uncertainty calculator," which determines the uncertainty of a calculated result given the uncertainties for the measurements. The website includes background material on calculating uncertainties and instructions for using the calculator. The software also is available as a free download. The website is available here .

DynaFit – (Bio)Chemical Kinetics and Equilibria

The freely available software package uses a nonlinear least-squares regression analysis to fit chemical kinetic, enzyme kinetic, or ligand-receptor binding data to a user-defined molecular mechanism represented symbolically by a set of chemical equations. Dynafit is available for Microsoft Windows XP or 2000. The website is available here .
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