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This site offers an introductory course (as a MOOC) on the estimation of measurement uncertainty specifically related to chemical analysis (analytical chemistry). The course gives the main concepts and mathematical apparatus of measurement uncertainty estimation and introduces two principal approaches to measurement uncertainty estimation – the ISO GUM modeling approach (aa “bottom-up”  approach) and the single-lab…

Intro to XRF- An Analytical Perspective

X-ray fluorescence is an important analytical tool in both industry and research. Professor Pete Palmer in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at San Francisco State University prepared these materials to provide an introduction to X-Ray fluorescence. Find the most recent version at the LibreTexts site: Introduction to XRF-An analytical Perspective by Professor Pete Palmer Find an earlier presentation…

Applets for Chromatography, Signal Processing and General Analytical Chemistry

This site offers Java-based applets as organized in 4 categories: analytical and general chemistry, instrumental chemical analysis, instrumentation/signal processing, data analysis/chemometrics. Each applet includes a short introduction followed by a user controlled input of experimental conditions, such as seen for diffusion in electrochemistry.The website is available here .

The Evolution of a Laboratory Syllabus for Quantitative Analysis

The paper contains a syllabus of a redesigned quantitative analysis lab. In its new form, the lab is almost entirely instrumental. The description has sufficient detail to assist a fellow instructor to adopt the experiments. A rationale for the experiments and the lab protocols has also been provided.The website is available here .
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