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mass spectrometry

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry Video

This video, part of the knowbeetutoring collection available from offers a basic but effective introduction to ion production of organic molecules in an electron ionization spectrometer. The basis for fragmentation is explained for the propane molecule using very clear graphics. It is an excellent first exposure to the technique, and supplies a very solid…

TOF Tutorial

A basic tutorial on the principles of Time-of-flight mass spectrometer design, presenting the concepts of ionization, acceleration from an ion source, energy dispersion of the ions due to space dispersion in the source, and the use of an ion mirror to focus this dispersion. The two-field source, the ion mirror, and the MCP ion detector is… Mass Spectrometry

This video, distributed on YouTube by the Royal Society of Chemistry is on the basic principles of mass spectrometry, using a magnetic sector instrument to demonstrate how specific m/z ratios can be selected. The theory and operation of MS, including the chemistry of ionization and fragmentation is described at an introductory level. There's also an excellent…

Peak Assignments in NMR, IR, and Mass Spectra

This website provides resources that can aid in the assigning NMR proton shifts, IR peaks and mass loss in mass spectrometry. The original site is in German, but most (but not all) the content is translated on the English version of the site. From the left hand menu under Spektroskopei-Tools choose Wizards. From here you can…
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