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Flow Injection Analysis in the Undergraduate Laboratory

This paper titled, Flow Injection Analysis in the Undergraduate Laboratory, by Rocha and Nobrega was published in the Chemical Educator. It describes two basic experiments. One is the measurement of copper using PAR reagent as carrier in a single line FIA system. Increasing the reaction coil length results in double peaks. Refractive index effects are demonstrated in the two-line system by adding ethanol. The second experiment is the measurement of phosphate with the molybdenum blue reaction in a three-line system. The effect of temperture is demonstrated, showing also the formation of bubbles at higher temperatures. The experiments are designed for a 4-hour laboratory. Unfortunately, the supplmentary PDF, which contains the schematic for the sliding-bar injector, is only available for Chem. Educator subscribers (or possibly by contacting the authors). This is a useful lab experiment for undergraduate quantitative analysis or instrumental course.

The website is available here .

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