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Welcome to the community!

You’re probably thinking this is just another social networking, time eating website… Not so! This website was designed as a tool for analytical scientists with a core ongoing and updated contribution from the Analytical Sciences Digital Library. You can use this site to collaborate on projects with others, maintain your own blog spot, develop research and curriculum ideas, syllabus, and online texts, ¬†connect with colleagues, and work collaboratively in teams of students or peers… just to mention a few.

A good tip: Start with one thing at a time Start with a simple post, add a bit of content little by little, and when you want to get fancy, come back here to the main screen and try out a tutorial! ¬†Or start with your own blog (top menu ->My blogs-> Create a blog!)… this is your own place to work on your own content.

Feeling frisky? CREATE A GROUP! Invite friends to join up and work on a blog together. Publish anthologies, save favorites, leave comments, rate posts.

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