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This website contains a wealth of information about mass spectrometry for bioanalysis and related subject material for biotechnology. There are four significant components: The Card Index, Featured IonSource Tutorials and Contributions, Resources, and Links. The contents will serve as a learning tool for students, faculty and practitioners alike. You can take what you want, depending on your level of expertise and interest. The Card Index contains information on things like peptide mass calculator, acetylation reaction, protein glycosylation, phosphorsylation and MS lab calculation, etc., will be useful. Learners will find the tutorials helpful to learn about Principles of MS quantitation, Isotopes, Reverse Phase HPLC Basics, etc – and if you look under shareware/freeware, several free softwares available on the Internet are listed. This site contains a compendium of material that is not available in textbooks.

The website is available here .

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