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This video, distributed on YouTube by the Royal Society of Chemistry is on the basic principles of mass spectrometry, using a magnetic sector instrument to demonstrate how specific m/z ratios can be selected. The theory and operation of MS, including the chemistry of ionization and fragmentation is described at an introductory level. There’s also an excellent example of the use of high resolution MS to differentiate between nominal mass and actual mass. The video does a very good job of explaining the concept such that only a little background knowledge is required. The video is short enough (6 mins), that it would be very useful in a class setting or for students outside of class. The ultimate strength of this video is the general nature of the content that makes it appealing to a wide audience. The video may be most appropriate in a lower-level general education science course (i.e forensic science) or as a quick orientation video for instrumental analysis students prior to introducing mathematical or operational concepts. This video would also be helpful for a lay science person who wishes to learn more about mass spectrometry from a general interest perspective.

The website is available here .

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