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Tag: basics

All about Electrochemistry

Site contains introductory material in basic electrochemistry. This site is intended as a reference for General Chemistry Students and is a good review for advanced students. Topics include galvanic cells, electrodes, cell potentials and thermodynamics, Nernst, batteries and fuel cells. The website is available here . Mass Spectrometry

This video, distributed on YouTube by the Royal Society of Chemistry is on the basic principles of mass spectrometry, using a magnetic sector instrument to demonstrate how specific m/z ratios can be selected. The theory and operation of MS, including the chemistry of ionization and fragmentation is described at an introductory level. There's also an excellent…

UV-visible spectroscopy

This webpage, part of a larger project "Understanding Chemistry", provides a solid introduction to UV-vis spectroscopy suitable for use in introductory chemistry and introductory analytical chemistry courses. The UV-vis pages discuss UV-vis light, absorption, Beer's law, the double-beam spectrometer, and introduce some standard applications of UV-vis spectroscopy. Explication is clear and thoughtful. Judicious…

Understanding Chemistry

This website part of a larger project "ChemGuide" provides a nice introduction to mass spectrometry that is suitable for use by introductory analytical chemistry students. Content includes an introduction to the instrumentation, explanation of fragmentation and how it can be used to identify compound structure, the origin of the M+ and (M+1)+ peaks. Each…

Mass Spec Primer

This website developed by Waters Corporation provides a brief primer on mass spectrometry which includes information on instrumentation, a discussion of mass accuracy, resolution, and LC-MS. As such the site should be a valuable resource for both students and faculty.The website is available here .

NMR Spectroscopy: Lab 8

A complete NMR laboratory exercise from a set of fifteen (15) experiments in various topic areas developed for a physical chemistry laboratory at New Mexico State University. Excellent introductory material is provided, along with links to additional sources of information, including NMR tutorials. Pre-lab questions are presented along with detailed laboratory procedures. The two part experiment…
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