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Tag: electrochemistry

All about Electrochemistry

Site contains introductory material in basic electrochemistry. This site is intended as a reference for General Chemistry Students and is a good review for advanced students. Topics include galvanic cells, electrodes, cell potentials and thermodynamics, Nernst, batteries and fuel cells. The website is available here .

Experiments in Electroanalytical Chemistry

This website offers educators a set of eight classical electroanalytical experiments suitable for use in a quantitative analysis, instrumental analysis, or electrochemistry course. The materials should be useful for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Experiments include coulometric, conductometric, and potentiometric titrations, stripping analysis, flow injection analysis, and polarography. The experiments are designed around a common…

Electrochemical Detection of Phenol Utilizing a Synthesized Sonogel-carbon Zirconium Oxide

This experiment is designed for senior undergraduate students in an inorganic chemistry course. Students are asked to synthesize a sonogel-carbon electrode that is modified with a ZrO2 sol-gel and to compare the results to those of an unmodified electrode for the detection of phenol. The website is available here .

Analytical Electrochemistry: A Laboratory Manual

This labware module contains directions for seven experiments in analytical electrochemistry. The experiments are designed to illustrate fundamentals of electrode reactions as applied to readily accessible redox reactants. They provide insight to dynamic electrochemistry for scientists at all levels of training. Activation procedures to prepare glassy carbon electrodes are provided in a TechNote. The website is available…

Linear and Cyclic Voltammetry

This website provides an introduction to linear sweep and cyclic voltammetry. The shape of the current-voltage curve for these techniques is explained with illustrations of the concentration profiles from the electrode surface into the solution at different stages of an electrochemical reduction. The screenshots and instrumental instructions are specific to a BASi Instrument. The website is available…
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