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Tag: powerpoints

Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Video Lecture

This site has a video lecture on Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) by Prof. Arvind Raman of Purdue University that discusses the development, instrumentation, and operational principles of various AFM imaging modes. The lecture is accompanied by power point slides with clear illustrative graphics. Basics are provided in the application examples with advantages and limitation discussed. It…

Green Chemistry (2nd edition)

Measurement science used to characterize environmentally important species is a central aspect of this textbook and accompanying lecture support/PowerPoint presentations. In addition to discussing the hows and whys of measurement, the discussion of measurements up to 2007 as related to the future of the environment provides a context for learning the material.The website is available…

Custom Designed HPLC Couse for Teva Abic

This site contains slides to accompany lectures in HPLC. They do not contain enough description for the average student to follow. However, they provide a lot of excellent information about practical aspects of HPLC. The sections on troubleshooting, sample preparation, gradients, system peaks, system suitability and methods validation are particularily valuable. The illustrations and diagrams…

Fluorescence Applications in Microscopy

The site contains a set of experimental and teaching modules that cover the fundamentals, history and practice of microscopy. Modules on microscopy, FRET, FRAP and Quantitative Multidimensional Microscopy will be of interest to chemists and biologists. Several include great graphics that would be helpful additions for instrumental analysis lectures. The website is available here .
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