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Tag: quantitative analysis

Teaching Chemical Equilibrium Concepts Using Field-Lab Experiences

This online article describes an inquiry-based experience designed to integrate concepts in water quality and geology for pre-education science students preparing to become teachers at the primary and secondary level. The field and laboratory exercise could be used to effectively introduce equilibrium chemistry in an introductory or environmental chemistry course, and courses for non-majors.The website is…

Applets for Chromatography, Signal Processing and General Analytical Chemistry

This site offers Java-based applets as organized in 4 categories: analytical and general chemistry, instrumental chemical analysis, instrumentation/signal processing, data analysis/chemometrics. Each applet includes a short introduction followed by a user controlled input of experimental conditions, such as seen for diffusion in electrochemistry.The website is available here .

Videos zur Titration und Gravimetrie (Titration and Gravimetry Videos)

This website provides a set of short videos which demonstrate to quantitative analysis students the basic steps and visual changes encountered for the following experiments: Mohr titration (for chloride), acid-base titrations, and gravimetry for iron and nickel. A cursory knowledge of German is needed. However, individuals with some knowledge in these techniques can interpret these videos…

Introduction to Chemical Equilibria

An interactive set of applet-based demonstrations (many modeled as experimental measurements) that illustrate the concepts and calculations of chemical equilibria. The site demonstrates equilibrium processes in a reaction vessel by plotting the concentration of reactants and products over time. The site would be a good supplement for a class in general chemistry or quantitative analysis. The website…
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