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Analysis of Uric Acid Metabolites in Urine (or in synthetic urine) by HPLC-MS

  Introduction: This laboratory experiment makes use of HPLC-MS to identify and quantify uric acid, 6-aminouracil (6-AU), and allantoin in synthetic urine, with tyrosine as an internal standard. It is designed for use in Quantitative Analysis laboratory, but may find applications in forensic and biochemistry laboratories as well. An Excel file is provided that serves as…

Molecular and Atomic Spectroscopy

Professor Thomas Wenzel wrote these collaborative activities to help students learn about molecular and atomic spectroscopy. Consequently, the student activities cover topics like ultraviolet/visible absorption, molecular fluorescence, infrared, and Raman spectroscopy. Likewise, the activities introduce students to atomic spectroscopy.  In addition, Professor Wenzel provides professor's with a list of learning objectives, an instructor's manual, and advice for generating…

End Creek: Spotted Frogs and Aquatic Snails in Wetlands – A Water Quality Investigation

Introduction This module provides a context for introducing fundamental techniques used in chemical analysis (spectrophotometry, atomic absorbance spectroscopy and ion selective electrodes) along with considerations about sampling and sample preservation. Using an active learning approach, the module explores some fundamental water quality parameters such as the concentration of inorganic cations and anions that may aid…

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

Introduction This module provides an introduction to the main concepts related to mass spectroscopy. The materials are intended for use in an undergraduate instrumental analysis course and are broken down into categories such as instrument components, hyphenated techniques, and data interpretation. LINK to Website Developed by: Dr. Olujide Akinbo Dr. Michael Samide
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